Wednesday, April 27, 2011


MauiSUP,"This event is only at Pistol at the moment but it's such a great idea that it will surly to become a integral feature of the American Windsurfing Tour!"

There are  many talented local SUP surfers in the communities that will be visited by the tour as well as the number of the registered windsurf competitors that are great SUP riders  that the event is destined to be an instant success! This feature is a natural and positive addition to the AWT!

Stand Up Showdown is a SUP contest to be held in the mornings at Pistol River State Park before the windsurfing contest. $1500 prize money has been donated from Inn of the Beachcomber. Registration is $25 for those registered for the windsurfing contest and $75 for those who only want to do the Showdown. Registration includes all the fun stuff like dinner on the 15th at the Curry County Fairgrounds, camping for the week, t-shirt, lycra, and a chance to win $$$!

Sam Bittner holding the 2010 PRWB banner,  Photo: Olaf Mitchell

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